BIG ShopLately Haul =P *HEAVY PICS*

4 years ago

I am really behind on my posts, due to work and school and of course, simply being lazy. I have to get all my hauls up at least since I have a lot and I am so behind on them LOL! If you don`t know what ShopLately is, it`s a site where they offer a lot of beautiful jewelry and accessories at a really good price. You should definitely check out the website. I am not sure if the items I got are still available, due to the fact I got them awhile back but you can google the name and see if they still are.

I didn`t purchase all of these at once, it was in different orders, but I decided to put them all togteher in one post since I have so much to post up LOL :x

<strong>1) Simply Spiked Wrap Cuff</strong>
I really love this bracelet because it`s adjustable. It`s also simple yet pretty at the same time. It only cost $5 which is a great deal for me.

<strong>2) Love to Layer Sparkling Bracelet</strong>
Even though I got this for $8.50, it was well worth the price because I love how there is a drawstring to tighten and loosen it to my liking. The fact that it says love is a total plus for me. After I got this, they offered it in other colors as well such as rose gold and gold.

<strong>3) Subtle Skill Cord Bracelet</strong>
I got this mainly because it was fuchsia and the gold skull stands out against the fuchsia. This also cost me only $5 which I am happy about.

<strong>4) Vintage Love Bracelet Set</strong>
This was on the pricey side but I really liked it because of the color combination of gold and lavender. It also does give off the vintage affect and $12 for two bracelets, it`s not too bad.

<strong>5) Keepsake Cross Bracelet</strong>
This is a really small bracelet, so people who has a bigger wrist might not fit so well. I love the delicate cross and that it is rose gold. It costs $4.50

<strong>6) Sparkling Hope & Faith Bracelets</strong>
I love bracelets that has words that are meaningful because a simple word can say so much. I got it in the words hope and faith and each of them cost $4.50 which isn`t bad and I like the fact that they are stretchy.

<strong>7) Love Unlocked Bracelet</strong>
Is a simple heart key bracelet which is gold tone against sky blue band, I like how it`s simple yet cute at the same time and it also costs $4.50

<strong>8) Simple Skull Bracelet</strong>
This is a delicious piece and I love gold jewelry against my rose gold watch. I also love skulls so I got this and for $5, I couldn`t help myself!

<strong>9) Summer Edge Spike Bracelet</strong>
My last and favorite of the bunch! I love this because it`s so edgy and can make a great piece for arm candy. I also love that it`s adjustable and simply makes a great statement piece. This cost $5 bucks too, so great steal on it.

Overall, I am happy with most of the pieces I got. Only one I might not recommend much is the Vintage Set of Lavender and Gold because it is fairly pretty big and it might only fit for people with thicker wrist. Definitely check out ther website, because they do have some amazing items here and there.

<em>What do you think of the bracelets I got? Which one is your favorite? Have you gotten anything from Shoplately lately?</em>

(All images belongs to me, please do not take or use. Thank you)
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