Big Lou`s Pizza

3 years ago

A very good friend of mine who travels all over the country for his job is currently in Texas and ate at probably one of the coolest places ever - Big Lou`s Pizza in San Antonio. Why is this place so awesome, you ask? Check out the size of that pizza!

Big Lou`s opened in 2000 and really became popular not only because of their amazing recipes but because of their signature 42" pizza. Yep, 42 inches! That`s huuuuggee!! One slice is probably the size of five regular slice you`d get anywhere else, lol.

I am definitely jealous that my friend got to go there, but I loved seeing the pictures, haha. There were a lot of "comparison" shots - people`s heads next to the pizza slices, lol. I would love me one of those pizza slices right about now :) This is definitely on my list of places to visit and pizzas to eat!

<strong>*Image is my own!!*</strong>

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