Big Lots makeup HAUL!

4 years ago

Greetings to all!!
I`ve been really fighting the urge to buy more makeup but i caved in once i was a Big Lots and seen they had so many cute things on SALE! And the worst part about it is that this is the small version because i left some things there that i talked myself out of. lol. I`ll jump right into it and tell you guys what i purchased:
- Two Maybelline eyestudio Quads: I was super excited to see these on sale for $1.50 each, i got them in Spirited Seas & Sunset Seduction. I love the color payoff, the velvet feel & the combos! Plus these are ususally around $5
-Two CoverGirl Single eyeshadows: I got one in gold for my sister (which unfortunately broke within the week) and the other one is in mauveberry which is a pretty soft purple. The gold one i got for $1 & the purple one for $1.20
-Neutrogena Lipstick in Just Whisper: I got 2 of these Neutrogena lipsticks some time ago and i LOVE them, so when i seen more i just had to get one, plus ive been searching for a perfect nude shade and this is DEFINATELY it!! Their formula is sooooo creamy, it glides on beautifully and i dont have to swipe it on my lips too much to get the true color. Plus the packaging is extremely adorable to me. The price i paid? $2
-ELF 100 eyeshadow Palette- This was an extremely joyful find for me, ive been wanting this palette for thee longest and every time i seen it i just didnt want to purchase it for some odd reason. So when i checked out their Sale section of items from christmas (i know, still right??) i seen this bad boy at half price for $5. ummm amazing much? indeed!! I was debating between this one and the smaller palette with i believe 25 nude shades that on sale for 2.50 from $5 originally but i decided that this would be better since it has some of the same colors plus many colorful & pastel colors. Ive been using it and im in loveeee!!!

My grand total?? *drumroll please* : $12.94 ... yepp!! I saved a lot of money!! But for sure im not getting anymore makeup for a while, at least not eyeshadows since i have that huge palette now & i dont have any more room in my drawer for shadows. hehe

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!!!

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