Big Lots Finds: Diamond Cosmetic Eyelash Kit

4 years ago

After spending my precious time across the river with my sister. Big Lots was our last stop. I knew I would find a bunch of stuff here so expect to see a lot of Big Lots finds here. I have a few things I purchase which I didn`t get to take a picture yesterday afternoon. It was raining outside. Boo!

The first thing I spotted were these Diamond Cosmetic Eyelash Kit. I`ve seen these multiple times, but I never ever bother. Since my Big Lots were rearranging their makeup section I took notice. By looking at the lashes they do look decent, but I doubt the glue will do it justices. The only thing I owned from this brand is the nail polishes I bought months ago. Anywho, there were three different boxes I found in this brand. They all are different from one another. Also, they`re $2 each.

<strong> Diamond Cosmetic Starter Kit </strong>

<strong> BOLD</strong> This eyelash kit is in a form of a bold look. I do see bold in this set because you can see how thick, dark the lashes are. These eyelashes are shorter than the other two. Natural look!

<strong>FEATHERY</strong> This eyelash kit is in a form of a fun look. Are you into more character, dramatic look? This set is full, dark and daring.

<strong> PARTY LIGHTS</strong> This eyelash kit is in a form of a night out, dancing the night away. This is something I would wear in the evening night. These are criss cross eyelashes which shows the full detailing off. P.S. I`m not sure that`s the right name of the lashes on this one.

Overall, don`t be judgmental when it comes to brands you never tried before. Some may work, but some may not. Some may work for you and no others. I didn`t buy any of these lashes so please don`t ask me to do a review. I tend to make posts like these just to show you can find products in your Big Lots. Check all of the Big Lots in your area. ALL BIG LOTS ARE DIFFERENT! :D

1. Are you into wearing lashes at the time?
2. Have you seen these at your local Big Lots?

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