Big Fat Gypsy Weddings!

4 years ago

Am I the only one completely obsessed with this show?! If you`re not familiar with it, it`s a documentary about traveler families throwing extravagant weddings and parties in celebration of their young teen daughter`s marriage. Travelers (a.k.a gypsies) are people from all over Europe. Some have permanent homes but many gypsies like to stay strong to their gypsy roots and roam Europe in caravans. Gypsy girls marry very young, the youngest you can get married is 16. Many gypsy girls marry their first husband. Their wedding is the most important day in a traveler girl`s life. They spend thousands of dollars on their wedding dress alone, always white and huge, often adorned with rhinestones!! The brides always get a spray tan and sport big hair and dark eye makeup. At the reception after the wedding, the bride and groom`s family friends have a huge party that lasts all night long. The men stay in the bar area and women on the dance floor. On this show, very young girls around the age of 5+ are seen wearing very revealing clothing, and dancing provocatively. Many people disagree with this behavior but they have to understand that it is part of gypsy culture.

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