Big Daddy Movie with Adam Sandler

I now have Netflix again and I couldn`t sleep this morning so I decided to watch a movie. The movie I chose to watch was <Strong>Big Daddy</strong> featuring Adam Sandler, it`s an old comedy movie released in 1999, but you may get teary a bit at some parts of the movie too, I know I did, hehe.

What`s the movie about?
The main character Adam Sandler known as Sonny in the movie, is extremely lazy and " not responsible". Responsibility is out of his dictionary but he soon learns that he <Em>has</em> to be responsible for his girlfriend, Vanessa or she will leave him. While Vanessa is out of town "taking a break" one day a little five year old boy Julian shows up at the door with a note. The note stated that Sonny`s close friend is the father of this child. Sonny calls and his friend denies he`s the father so Adam thought it was a good idea to take care of a child to show Vanessa that he "can" be responsible. Turns out Vanessa found someone else already, lol and Sonny realizes having a child isn`t easy. Sonny turns over to child services.. and that`s when things get complicated. Watch more to find out what happens.

Even though this movie didn`t get high reviews, I thought it was funny yet cute. I didn`t fall asleep and it was 2 in the morning so I`d recommend it.

<Strong>Have you watched Big Daddy? What`s your favorite movie with Adam Sandler if you like him?</strong>

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