Big Bang-Blues MV (Review)

5 years ago

*****Song and Video aren`t mine. Copyright YG entertainment****

Hey guys, this post will be a review of Big Bang`s MV for the song Blue off of their latest soon to be released album "ALIVE"

I love Big Bang. They are one hell of a kpop group and I can tell that they actually get some artistic license with what they have to promote. Which is why it pained me to watch that 90s through back boy band video. Okay the good things about the video, it was out in the real world!! WHOOOOT!! That`s something very rare in the kpop biz. most videos feature the members stranded in a wonderfully geometric room, dancing for no apparent reason and wearing awesome clothes. This time Big Bang took it to the streets yo!!
but then Taeyang thought he was hood and wore a white bandana around his cute asian boy Mohawk, no one told Daesung to get a hair cut and it grew in completely covering half his face (bleach blonde for some reason), Seungri....Seungri looked chill as hell (nice industrial btw). and TOP is hot so let`s side step him. He need not be mentioned lol. I will anyway....Blue hair looks good on him. First katy perry now you, but I gotta say you do it well. And our resident bad boy GD running along rooftops to the soft melodies of big bang.

I don`t understand this video.

Why is there a random white girl in it. And why is she mimicking your actions....seriously big bang, screw the western world and live in your own. Why come to New York to film a rooftop scene with a white girl. The Streets of Seoul are so much better. You could`ve connected with your fans by doing something like a home video as you roam Seoul together, taking us to your favorite spots and just having a great time like we`re with you. Or the band members taking on the night life of Seoul to get rid of thought of women troubles. Why did I need to see you standing about all Emo on a rooftop softly singing into the fog that`s rolling in for some reason.

This song is such a chillax song. It`s so soft and heartwarming even though its about love and breakups. It sounds like a lullaby. I would like to be sung to sleep watching you boys be boys not pretentious fashionistas in New York.

In conclusion I have this to say to Big Bang:
Your awesome on your own, you don`t need to appeal to the western fan base anymore. We already love you. We watch kpop for a cultural shock. I don`t want to see my backyard. I want to see yours. I look forward to more lovely songs and videos guys but tone it down yeah? lol

What do you guys think? Like the video? As Ex-AFDJFKHKJFHH-cited as I am for this comeback? Who`s your favorite member? What`s your favorite song? Let`s bond over the kpop fire!!

*****Song and Video aren`t mine. Copyright YG entertainment****

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