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Hi everybody. OMG.. I can`t believe that it took me so long to finally be able to ride a bike without training wheels. I finnally succeed at the age of 34. Old, But I was never properly taught. They just told me to get on the bike, pedal and balance. But after seeing my son going from a 3 wheeler to a bicyle in 5 mins, I was like why can`t I do it too. So I did some research and someone suggested that you should learn how to glide first. What that is basically is that you sit on the bike, then start to push off while on the bike and lift up both feets. Doing this helps you learn how to balance the bike. After doing this for a while, like 40 mins, I finally glided without falling down. After that I started to pedal and I made it. I am so happy. Now I don`t have to use my elliptical all the time to work out. I can now actually take a bike out and ride through the park and get a great workout and a amazing view at the same time. The bike in the pic belongs to my son, so now I can get my own bike!! Somtimes it can get very boring on the elliptical even with the TV on. It`s never to late to learn how to ride a bike.

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