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5 years ago

Hey everyone! I wanted to review the BH Cosmetics Pallets because I haven`t found many reviews on them, just on Coastal Scents pallets. When I first saw these I saw these pallets on Youtube I thought it would be a great addition to my collection because there are 88 eye shadow colors in 1 pallet so I should totally try them out. There are other types of pallets and different numbers to like 66 lip pallet or 120 eye shadow pallet. I was really picky about the site because I had never heard about them before so I looked it up online and could only find reviews about Coastal Scents so I checked them out to. When I first went to the Coastal Scents website I thought It was a scam so I went back to BH Cosmetics and looked at their pallets. They were identical except for the name on the front and the prices. I did go with BH Cosmetics because Coastal Scents did look a little Sketchy. The shipping was really good, it came fast. When I first got my pallets I got the 88 matte pallet and the 88 shimmer pallet because there was a Christmas sale going on. When I got them the shimmer pallet was completely fine nothing damaged but the matte pallet had a few pans out of place, it was okay nothing too serious. When I tried the matte pallet and experimented with some colors the pigmentation was really good but when I applied it there was SO MUCH fall out it kept falling onto my face, makeup desk and it even got stuck into my eyelashes. I want to say that it applied nicely but there was just too much fall out. The colors are really great and you could make so many looks with it. I don`t know if it was just me who got a bad pallet but when the fall out did stop it looked really pretty. The packaging is really good and comes with a mirror in the middle and 2 applicators on the sides. The pans are small because theirs 88 of them and it tells you the expiration date + the ingredients all on the packaging or back of the pallet so that`s really nice. I would rate this pallet a 7/10 but if your starting out in makeup this would be a great addition to your collection. I will try out Coastal Scents soon and see how these compare but until then this pallet is still 7/10.

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