Beyonce the devil?

0kay I`m not one to play into hoax`s or rumors without actual supporting evidence. But DAMN is this scary! okay so unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, you should already know about Illuminati myths and such. Basically it`s a evil organization that uses entertainment( singers, actors, socialites) as a way to corrupt people and a whole bunch of crazy stuff. Google it if you want to know more. People say that Beyonce and Jay-z are like the head honcho`s of this whole propaganda.
And there has been many sightings and symbols that have been connected to them. A recent one is in Beyonce`s 1+1 video where she is seen towards the end flipping her hair back in a mirror effect. But if you pause at some parts you can see some VERY scary, devilish imagery in parts. I noticed it even without all these bloggers commenting on it. Here`s wha t some blogger had sad regarding the pictures I put up.
-After watching the video, you will have seen the disturbing imagery from clip to clip of alleged Satan worship. In fact, if you start and stop the video at certain points when her face is a double image, you will see the images of the Behemoth (satanic symbol for a double headed eagle), the Baphomet (a goat image that represents Satand himself.) form over and over and appearing in the middle of the scene.
Heres a guide to go by while watching the video.-

Crazy stuff huh? I don`t really expect anyone to take this stuff seriously really :/ but they are some pretty interesting things to look at and do some investigating on. It was even said by Tupac that there are some evil things going on the music industry that he didn`t want to be apart of, which people say led to his death. Anyways Ill post a link to the guys blog down below! Comment and Rate <3

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