Beyonce 60lb Weight Loss - LettuceampTreadmill only? I don`t think so!

4 years ago

Beyonce made her comeback recently with a concert at Revel where she showed her post-baby weight loss after giving birth in January and she looks great. We had seen some pictures months ago and she had already lost a good amount of weight but she looks better now, losing now 60lb.

During the concert she told the audience : Yall have no idea how hard I worked!I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce! . When i first read that i thought she meant she starved to lose weight but in fact thats not what happen, even though her comment might give that impression. What she really mean was how much hard work, dedication and big comprises in diet she had to make in order to lose the weight quickly and get in good shape.

So she didn`t ate only lettuce and used the treadmill until she fall a sleep, but in fact she had a very strict and controlled diet ( hence, the lettuce comment) and hired a personal trainer that moved in with her to train her and they did not only cardio but also strength training a lot.
I would usually not be in favor of such quick weight losses but she did had supervision and the resources to do it the healthy way, but not everybody has the money to hire a personal trainer and have him/her move in with you, so i guess that with a little more time but the same dedication everybody can achieve their goals in terms of fitness, not only weight loss.

<strong>What do you think of her weight loss?
Do you have or have had a personal trainer? Would you have him/her move in with you to make you workout?</strong>

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