Beurer Abdominal Muscle Belt?

5 years ago

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So recently I`ve been into fitness quite a bit - I want to get my stomach more toned. I`m less than 50kg, but I want my stomach to be flat before the summer :)

I`ve been doing Wii Fit quite a lot and my boyfriend has me on this 8 minute ab workout :P But I was browsing the Luuux Shop to see if the Canon EOS Rebel was available to the UK yet (it`s not) and came across the Beurer Abdominal Muscle Belt. It claims to tone your ab muscles just by wearing it for 20-30 minutes at a time and there will be results within a few weeks.

Well that sounds pretty amazing to me. Also, you don`t have to workout when you wear it because there are electrodes that do the work for you apparently. It works the front and side muscles and you can relax while wearing it. That sounds pretty good because I get back from school late in the evenings and have a lot of coursework and revision to be getting on with so I could wear this while working? That way I`m being more productive :P

What do you think? Do these belts work or would I just be wasting my Luuux Dollars? It`s only 5,400 + shipping!

Thanks for reading,
Emily Jane.

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