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Hey Luuuxers,

My youth group recently planned a picnic for our community centre, and I was put in charge of making Beuregs.

If you have never heard of a beureg, or beureka before, it is basically a savoury pastry (kind of like a turnover).

I grew up eating these as they are very popular in Middle Eastern or Medditernean cooking. There are different ways to make them but usually they include a filling that included cheese and a phyllo or puff pastry dough.

Since I was in charge of making almost 250 Beuregs, I decided to order them and bake them from a company called Creation. You can order these pre-made pastries and they will deliver them to you frozen. You bake them straight out of the freezer, and they are delicious!

They puff up and become nice and golden brown. They also have sweet pastries, but these beurekas are the most popular. I order 3 different kinds: plain feta cheese, feta cheese and olive, and feta cheese with spinach which you see in the picture. I had an assembly line going, baking almost 300 of these!

You can eat them warm, out of the oven, but they also taste good after they have cooled too!

If you live in the GTA I would highly suggest checking them out. My mom keeps a box of these handy in the freezer for family dinners and guests since they are so easy and everyone loves them!


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