Better then bath amp body works candles!!

5 years ago

This is going to be the smallest Target haul from me ever! I was at target the other day because I had to buy light bulbs (not shown because thats boring!) and as usual I made my rounds in the beauty section but sadly didnt find anything interesting. I was looking for the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes but I didnt see them there so Ill have to go look at a drugstore or something. Anyways the only thing I left Target with besides light bulbs was this 2-wick candle. Ive seen a few people post about these candles in particular the red velvet one, so while I was there I wanted to check it out and I saw it but I didnt really like the red velvet. It definitely smells just like red velvet but it was too strong and sweet smelling for me. The scent was seemed very overpowering too and I felt like I would get irritate from the scent so I passed on it. I did however smelled the other candles they had and a lot of them smell really good! I only bought 1 because I just wanted to try it out so I got the one in the scent called Sugar Blossom. In all honestly is smells just like bath and body works sweet pea but less intense. I find that B&BW sweet pea candle can be too fragrant to the point where the scent just annoys me. This Sugar Blossom candle has the same scent but its not as overpowering. This candle is a fragranced soy candle and soy candles are supposed to be better then other typical candles. Soy candles burn cleaner, are natural, last longer, and is apparently eco friendly as well.

As much as I <p><strong>love</strong></p> Bath & Body Works candles these Target candles are better in my opinion. Let me break it down, the cost of 1 B&BW 14.5 oz. candle is $19.50 and sometimes you can get them on sale for 2 for $20. This Target 2-wick candle is 15.2 oz. and is only $10.
Even though weight wise there isnt a huge difference, the difference is only like 0.7 oz. but you still get more for you money especially if you are not buying the B&BW candles on sale. Plus the Target candle has more positive benefits and also I like the jar for it too better then the B&BW ones, its thinner and taller. There isnt a huge range of scents from Target like B&BW does but I smelled almost all of the Target candles and they all smell really good. I will most likely be purchasing these Target candles from now on but once in a while Ill still be getting some B&BW candles especially Leaves!
I did start burning this yesterday and the scent is really nice and not overpowering at all. It does burn slower then a B&BW candle and since this is only a 2-wick candle it does take longer for it to burn to the rim.

<p><strong>Have any of you ever tried this line of candles before?</strong></p>

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