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4 years ago

For a very long time (or at least felt like a very long time) I had considered buying a tart warmer and some bricks/bars from Scentsy. I can`t even begin to tell you how many YouTube videos I had watched reviewing their products. I came SUPER close when I saw someone in my town with the Scentsy Rep sticker on the back of their car. Well, then I heard that Walmart was selling a brand called ScentSationals. It was supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the Scentsy products. Well, when I was recently there I wandered up the candle aisle and sure enough they had the warmers (in their own brand as well as the Better Homes brand). I picked up a warmer and 2 fragrance bars to try out. The bars are SO affordable! They are only $2.00 USD! Come one! That`s a fantastic deal!

The first scent I tried was Cupcake. I HAD to have this one. No question. The scent is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! It is so strong, too. When you open the container the sweet smell is everywhere! Their site describes the smell as "Fun, tempting, yet calorie-free, this delightful scent smells just like a white cupcake topped with rich buttercream frosting!" Yup, I agree. It is pretty much a mouth watering scent. A long time ago my grandmother had a candle in her home that the moment you walked in you`d smell it, even if it wasn`t burning. It was a very sweet, cupcake kind of smell.
I had hunted for so long trying to find the candle or something similar. I never was able to find anything that put off such a strong, sweet smell...not until I came across the cupcake ScentSational wax.

On their site they say if you were to burn a single cube for 2-3 hours in the morning and then again 2-3 hours in the evening, that single cube will last 2-3 days. I agree...sort of. I found that the strongest of the fragrance will last 2-3 days but you`ll still have fragrance coming from it even after that 3 day mark. The cupcake scent ended up smelling sort of like an underlying cherry smell at the tail end. It wasn`t bad at all, but it was like the scent changed on its own. I`m thinking it is just the bottom notes that are left after the initial ones burn away. On day 3 I just tossed in a fresh cube and immediately the fantastic cupcake smell was back. I also will note that I kept my warmer running far longer than 2-3 hours twice per day. I would venture to say that a couple of the days I had it running 6-8 hours continuously. I wanted to mention that because I think the scent lasts longer than they estimate.

The burner itself comes in multiple styles. I chose a cream colored on with fleur de lis around it. It matches nicely in my home decor, but there is pretty much something to suit everyone. They also have wall plug ins...kind of like a night light style. I want to get one of those for some of the rooms in my home upstairs. The large warmer is perfect for my downstairs, though, and the fragrance fills the entirety of my first floor. I was very impressed with that.

None of their warmers use actual flame. They are plugged into the wall and a lightbulb inside, under the plate, warms up the plate, which melts down the wax cubes. They don`t get too hot, either. You don`t have to worry about burning yourself or a little one burning their hands on them. It is a much safer alternative to candles (plus, I feel the scent it puts out spreads further and stronger than a candle can).

They have a TON of different scents and they`re so affordable. I`m going to be picking up quite a few more. Even though they have many different scents, one of the fun things you can do with them is MIX YOUR OWN! YEAH! You can take one cube from a couple or few different packs and combine them to make your own, personalized scent! I`m going to be doing that, too.

From my raving, I think you can tell that I highly recommend their wax cubes. If you already have a tart warmer, you`re already ahead! Just go out and pick one up to try for yourself. It`ll only put you out two dollars.


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