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4 years ago

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Hi luuuxers! I wanted to share with you guys a holy grail product that I have been literally been using for years. It`s a wax from Nads that is no longer sold in stores. Some of you may have seen the pre-made wax strips from Nads sold in some stores like CVS and Target, which happen to not work at all. However, the original wax product is amazing! The wax box comes with 2 Nads cleansing wipes, instructions, re-usable strips and a container of wax. Ever since this product stopped being sold in stores, I decided that I was still going to buy it so I googled it and was able to buy it for even cheaper than the retail price. It`s typically about $20 but I got it for $13. This wax uses your own body heat so you don`t need to heat it up or anything. It`s simple. You just use the plastic stick they give you and apply a thin layer of wax. Then use their strips, run your hand over it about 4 times to heat it up and then pull the strip in the opposite direction of the way your hair grows. Some people think waxing is a little painful and truthfully, it is the first time but you get used to it. If someone like me, who is so afraid of pain can tolerate it, i`m sure anyone else can (: Some people are also afraid that there is the problem of in-grown hairs but if you exfoliate properly, there won`t be a problem. The plus about waxing is that your hair doesn`t grow back for another month! Not shaving for another month?! Doesn`t that sound great? So if you`re interested in buying this, just type "Nads Wax" into google and you should find it! Hope some of you find this post helpful (:

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