Betsey Johnson Stores CLOSING :(

4 years ago

I got an email the other day from Betsey Johnson`s website stating that all (I think, maybe it was just most) of her stores and I believe online shop are CLOSING. Why? Because she filed bankruptcy. I know a lot of people are going to say she was asking for it due to her high prices, but oh well. Regardless, this sucks.
I honestly felt like a friend had died! I love Betsey Johnson. Not only is she just the cutest person alive, but she did have a decently sized part is making me who I am. I used to be an emo-weeno in middle school (LOL!) but I remember seeing one of her dresses in a magazine and dying over the cute. It just made me want to be so colorful and crazy! I started dressing more that style, wearing less boring makeup, and trying to be more of a social butterfly and take chances. Watching her fashion shows is so much fun, because she is just so crazy! 70 years old and doing cartwheels down her adorable catwalk? No way Jose! I wanna do that one day! My obsession for hasn`t died down at all, expanded more than anything! I have anything from her I can get my little paws on, and even some things I really shouldn`t have laid down the cash for, but I just HAD to lol! I even have a Betsey Johnson TATTOO. Yes, I am obsessed. You all get the point.
But on the bright side, her merch will still be sold through other stores/brands, and whatnot. Also, if you go to her stores or online right now, everything is a giant percentage off, even the new things, because everything has to go.
Now that I think about it, this may be the reason she is coming out with a TV show with her daughter Lulu this that she`ll still have a way to connect with fans...maybe.
Is anyone else sad about this? :(((

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