Best way to relax before sleeping!

3 years ago

Have trouble sleeping? It`s probably because you need to RELAX your body to sleep comfortably! I received this Aromatherapy `sleep` bundle for Christmas and let me just say, it felt amazing. I will attach the links to the exact items in the picture if anyone is interested in purchasing, down below.

I usually don`t take baths just because I like taking a shower and just getting out quickly. I decided to give it a try so I took a bath with the salt; the smell that the salt gave off was AMAZING. It wasn`t so strong where it was overwhelming, but just the right amount. I also tried the sugar scrub which I was very hesitant to since it felt so oily on my hands, I was afraid I was going to break out if I put it on my face. (It feels oily after you use it but when you pat your face dry it wasn`t oily at all)

I could feel my body feeling more refreshed and less tense after taking a bath with these products and lets be real.. who doesn`t deserve a good night sleep?

Bath salt:
Sugar scrub:
luxury bath:

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