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4 years ago

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I love tv. I always have, I always will. It`s one of those things that I can admit to people freely even though I know they`ll judge me for what I enjoy viewing. Some of my shows they`ll agree are good but the other ones they`ll just say "oh.." and smile about.

I have two current obsessions: Greek & TVD (the vampire diaries)

I never watched Greek when it was on air but found it on Netflix last week and I am already up to Chapter 5 (it says Season 5 but if I`m correct there were only 4 seasons). It`s a great show, some of the writing is corny but then they make up for it with hilarious one liners. The characters are all very lovable even when you hate them and it makes you miss college or want to be apart of a sorority/frat when you go to college. I did cheat and look online about the ending and a lot of people weren`t satisfied & wanted more, but I can see why it had to end. I mean, you can only sleep with the other main characters so many times. Anyway, I love the show & I`m in total LOVE with Cappie - like full blown school girl crush kinda love, my boyfriend really doesn`t approve but le sigh.

The other show (it is on air) and makes me super happy is TVD! I read the series (minus the last book she added on, whoops) and adored it and while the tv show doesn`t stick to the books I still really, really enjoy it. It has great acting, juicy plots, and a lot of sexual tension which makes everything 10x hotter. It does have some things that could change: Damien`s eyebrow/eye acting & Elena`s constant whimpering every episode but it`s not make it or break it type of deal.

Other great shows would have to be:
- HIMYM (I`ve watched every episode on Netflix and cannot wait to start the new season! That will be happening this weekend)(this show will make you laugh & make you cry)
- Revenge (hot guys & scheming rich bitches)
- Pretty Little Liars (I ADORE this show but with all the breaks they take I try to just wait to watch it once a whole season is done)
- Gossip Girl (so sad it`s ending but it`s time... I love Penn Badgley however)
- Big Bang Theory (hilarous)

And if you`re looking for some goodies on Netflix, try:
- The Secret Circle (it shouldn`t have been cancelled, pricks)
- The Gates (supernatural hotties, also shouldn`t have been cancelled)
- No Ordinary Family (super powaaas! So cool)

I could keep going but I`ll shut up now. It really irks me when good shows are cancelled but god bless Netflix fo` reals. What`s your favorite tv shows?

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