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I have wanted to write this post for a while but I wasnt 100% sure how I wanted to write because I had a certain thing I wanted to say so I hope I got it all in and you enjoy reading this.
I am writing this post about the VTech Toy Story 3 Buzz laptop, I am going to start by telling you about the product. So the laptop as 30 activates which your child can choose form and they are broken down in 4 categories
- Laser Numbers
- Spanish Numbers
- Piggy Bank
- More or Less
- Number Doors
- Largest Number
- Smallest Number
- Number Code
- Add the Blocks

- Hide and Seek
- Spot the Difference
- Big and Small
- Bonnie`s Backpack
- Where is Woody`s Hat?
- Shape Puzzle
- Grab the Shapes

Letters and Language
- Laser Phonics
- Spanish Buzz
- Capital and Small
- Letter Blocks
- Letter Doors
- Letter Code
- Typing and Dancing

- Matching Shadows
- Rock, Paper, Scissors
- Fruit Find
- Speed Matching
- Toy Attack!
- Left Right
- Music Fun

When you choose the activity that you want to buzz tell you what you have to do, so you can tell you child. It comes with a mouse as some of the games are played with it.

So now that you know about the laptop what do I think about it :-

My parents got this for my sons 1st birthday as her was all ways on my laptop so they said that they wanted to get one (bare in mind that the laptop is for 4-7 years), I didnt say anything to them because my son is the 1st grandchild so I knew they were happy to get him something special. I will admit I was so worried that he would know what to do with it lol. BUT was I wrong, my son is going to be 3 this year and because of this laptop he knows his alphabet, the sounds of the letter, the order of the alphabet, capital and small letters, his numbers come to 20 his nearly getting to 30, he plays the matching game, hide and seek.
I love this laptop now my son is my first and I work in a school with year 4-7 year olds and because of this laptop my son knows so much, most of the things he has learnt for the laptop he should have learnt in his first year at school. I am not complaining at all because I am happy that he is into the educational side of things, because I know when he starts school its going to be about football and going to his friends house.
The only thing that my sons having trouble with is the mouse he is nearly there but at the start he found it very hard to get grips with but like I said he got this when he was 1 and the laptop is for 4-7 year olds, so I am not that worried that his not 100% perfect with the mouse.
A lot of people always ask me if I put my son in private school because of the stuff he knows and when I say no they are always no he has this laptop now 2 of his friends parent have them this laptop.
If you are a parent I would sooooo highly recommended this laptop for your child its the best thing he got for his birthday.

I hope you enjoyed this post
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