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My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. Then I was quickly embarrassed afterwards because I didnt know how long my mouth was open. But I am fine with the embarrassment because this product is originally $48 at Sephora. Even the smaller tube of concealer is $28! I picked this up a week ago at TJ Maxx so you guys should pick one up before it is sold out. If you are worried about the color match then can go with the translucent shade. But I loved the colored one at Sephora so much that I had to get a colored one. I was lucky enough to find a bottle of the radiant shade opened and was able to test that. (at least I didnt open it myself :p) It matched my hand perfectly so that means it is too light for my face because my hands are much lighter than my arm for some reason. So if you are medium dark then go for the rich shade. Now if you really like this foundation, then you can pick it up at Sephora in its new squeeze tube packaging.

Product details:
light to medium coverage
looks like your skin is naturally plump and even
a silicone pore primer and foundation in one
takes a few minutes to settle so you wont see your skin evened out right away
only 10mL but you only need a pea size for the whole face
will waste product if use more than a pea size because you pores can only be filled so much.

Other finds I wish I could buy at TJ Maxx:
Set of 3 full size Butter London polishes
Discontinued Sephora by OPI polishes
Bliss rubber mask kit
Tons of natural face oils
Racks and racks of maxi dresses

So before you buy a $48 foundation remember that products always go on sale somewhere because they become discontinued or overstocked.

TJ Maxx foundation sale

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