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4 years ago

If your like me, then your the kind of person always looking for the next best thing. Be it makeup or face products, it is not easy to pick the right product to suit your skin type. Facial exfoliators are definitely no exception to the rule.

I love trying new products and when I was a teen I remember using my sisters St. Ives face exfoiliator and loving it but it is pricey at around 8 a tube so I haven`t always stayed clear. Let me begin by explaining briefly my skin type before I explain why I finally re-bought and what I think.

<strong> What is my skin type?</strong>
For those of you who wish to know, im a 20 year old girl with normal skin that occasionally gets spots on her checks or chin and sometimes in winter months I get slightly dryer skin however it is never flakey!

On a recent trip to the states I noticed this only cost $4.55 which is roughly 3.25 so I was saving over 6 or $8 on the product so I knew it was time to re buy. This is amazing! It has thick grains of exfoliants but it is no way super abrasive or over harsh on the skin. Thanks to the creamy white cleanser in this scrub, I find it slightly moisturising also which is always a good thing in my opinion. A little goes a long long way also with this wash so I think this tube will last me around 3 months! I`ve used it around 6 times and it looks like it has never been used from the outside of the bottle.:)

So overall would I recommend? Yes!
Would I repurchase? Yes!
Would I pay the 9? Yes because now that I know I still like the product there is no point buying any to try and beat this product.

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