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4 years ago

Hello everyone!!
Some time ago i found out about this Japanese buffet in Delaware (i live in Maryland), its about 30 mins away from where i live (and a crazy $4 toll!) but the food is definately worth it to me!! The place is always packed so you know the food is constantly coming out and is fresh! If i remember correctly they charge about $12/person which is pretty good, at least its better than golden corrall in price & food! I love asian food & there are several asian restaurants around where i live but the food just isnt really good but at the Hibachi grill in DE is just amazing! This was actually my second plate pictured since i was sooo anxious & excited to eat and forgot to take a picture, i also forgot to take a picture of my dessert but i didnt have that much and that wasnt the best either but on to what i had! I`m always eating lo mein when i go anywhere because i loveeeee pasta, but in this plate my mom talked me into getting rice. lol. I also got shrimp which was really yummy, i tried octupus for the first time and it was alright, i tried scallops for the first time and LOVED them!! I had crab wonton which was delicious! I had mussells, chicken & brocoli, teriaki chicken, plantain, and another kind of chicken. I loved everything i got, except the octopus which i will give a second try some other time but this time it was really gummy and i didnt like that. For dessert i had a chocolate-coffe cake that was pretty good, jello, honeydew melon, a coconut pastry that in venezuela we call `besitos de coco` and ice creammm!!! I love their ice cream, they have about 8 diffferent varieties including vanilla, butter pecan, cookies & cream, strawberry, chocolate chip mint & coconut (my favorite!) I love it so much that i skip the little ice cream cups and get a soup bowl, lol! >.< I wanted to try some sushi there but ive never a huge fan of sushi and they werent labeled so i didnt want to eat something that i didnt know what was in it. ~~Sorry if i spelled any of the food names wrong :o

-What`s your favorite food?

**Piccha is mine, please do not take!!

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