Best Friends Forever (Tv Series)

I am running out of television shows to watch so I decided to watch <strong>Best Friends Forever</strong>. It`s a new show, the pilot was on last month and the show just premiered a few days ago.

Overview of the show: This show is obviously about two Best Friends forever. The two girls are Jessica (who is recently divorced) and Lennon (whose boyfriend just moved in with her).. so after the divorce Lennon invites Jessica to cope at her apartment but the problem is.. the boyfriend is getting in the way. He`s the third wheel essentially.

My thoughts:
The show is too bubbly for my liking.

Meaning of bubbly in the Urban Dictionary: <em>"A really happy,perky,kind of annoying person at times.Its one of those people who wake you up in the morning really perky and you just wanna smack them in the face"</em>

Overall: Not a show I can stand and will not be watching.

<strong><Em>Have you watched BBF? What did you think of it? If not, does this sound like a tv show you would watch?</strong>

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