Best Foods For Your Skin!

If you know me, you know I love to eat. But sometimes the food we eat can be detrimental to the maintenance of our skin! Below are a couple of foods that are good for your FACE (thanks to She Finds!) so give `em a try!

1. Canned tuna: Has selenium which promotes skin tightness. Say bye to those wrinkles!
2. Carrots: Vitamin A clears breakouts and reduces skin cancer cells.
3. Dark chocolate: Contains antioxidants that protect against sun damage.
4. Greek yogurt: Keeps skin smooth and firm.
5. Sweet potatoes: Vitamins C smooths wrinkles and produces collagen.
6. Spinach: Folate in spinach helps repair DNA and reduces chances of cancer and tumors. Water in leaves also help plump and freshen skin.
7. Tomatoes: Lycopenes eliminate free radicals caused by UV rays and offer nutrients to body.
8. Almonds: Vitamin E nourishes skin and protects against UV rays from sun.

Enjoy these tasty treats and your skin will thank you! :)

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