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5 years ago

As I`ve told you in one of my previous posts, I personally think that you won`t find any better pastries in the world than here in Austria. One thing we`re definitely missing though are DONUTS. I`ve been to SO MANY places in this country and I`m pretty positive that there is not one single place here offering various kinds of Donuts such as <em>Dunkin` Donuts</em> or <em>Krispy Kreme</em> . Of course you could get some at supermarkets or at Mc Donalds, but they sure do NOT taste too well.

So whenever I`m abroad, I take the chance to indulge in a couple of donuts, doughnuts, or however you spell them.
My favourite donut chains are:

<strong>1) Dunkin` Donuts</strong> Yummy, who doesn`t love Dunkin` Donuts? I love how they offer a HUGE variety of pastries, donuts, cakes, as well as coffee that is way better than Starbucks! (but then again that`s not really hard, Starbucks here in Europe sucks)

<strong>2) J.Co.</strong> - shown in the picture above This is a cafe and donut retailer some of you might not be familiar with, since it`s only available in South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or the Philippines. I`m really hoping for them to expand to even more countries since they`re donuts are super fluffy and not too sweet. If you ever find yourself in that region of the world, make sure to give J.Co a try - last time I went there, I got a free sandwich and a 2nd donut for free for no obvious reason :D

<em>Share your thoughts</em>

<ol> <li>Which is your favourite place to get a donut?</li>
<li>Is there any foreign product you wish was available in your country?</li> </ol>

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