Best Christmas Ever :)

4 years ago

Yesterday was Christmas!!! Kind of sad it`s over but we still have New Year`s to look forward to :D In the morning I opened presents with my family and then my boyfriend came over to pick me up to go to his family`s house to do another round of gifts. I had gotten something for his parents, but I wasn`t really expecting them to get me much. But he told me that his mom and sisters all went out and ended up choosing something for me. And it was a Steve Madden bag :D I was so excited haha just because I didn`t expect to get something like that from his family. It`s a teal/tan hobo bag with a gold chain and I don`t really have any bags with color in them so nowww I do :D Then his aunt gave me a philosophy shower gel and lip gloss set. I had only met his aunt once before so this I totally was not expecting. It was sweet. His whole family`s sweet :)

Mm.. then with his gifts. The first one was my "silly" present or something. I have a Hannari Tofu plushie in my room and I had mentioned once that it was really hard to find them anywhere except online and even then it was hard to find this specific character. And so he found me a plush cell phone stand :)

The second was a little larger. I had kind of accidentally looked at one of the sites he had pulled up on his laptop, which he got kind of upset at me for, but he went on a candle supply store and bought everything I would need to make my own candles, from the wax to fragrances and colorings.. even materials like thermometer and cans and wicks. And I burn candles almost every day. Well I would burn candles every hour of every day if I had that many. But I go through candles like.. food. It`s terrible. And he knows that haha. When I first found out about it accidentally I literally went "awww.."

And the last one was huge. It was so heavy I had to drag it on the carpet. This one I had no idea what it was until I opened it. And as soon as I did, I wanted to cry. I`m sure if you follow beauty gurus on youtube you`d see that a lot of them have that Pier 1 Mirrored Jewelry Armoire that costs like $300. Ridiculous. No he didn`t get me that. But he got me a jewelry armoire that I actually kind of like better. We had gone to Walmart a while ago and I had seen a jewelry armoire there but there was no price tag. He said he tried getting the one that we saw, but it was sold out, so he upgraded to the larger one. And I did look it up on Walmart and the larger one was $50 more.. :/ He didn`t have to do that. He said he noticed that I had a ton of jewelry just lying around.. which is true haha. In my apartment at school, I had my necklaces hanging on hooks that I stuck to the wall and my bracelets just lying on a shelf and rings on a ring holder.. but I had too many so the rest were on the shelf. And earrings I also had on the shelf or stuck in whatever mesh bookends I had. We just recently moved to a new apartment on campus and I didn`t want to stick hooks on the wall because I was afraid I`d pull the wall out after I had to move out since they were so new. So my necklaces are currently all in a plastic bag hahaa.

Hehe sorry if that was a little sappy. Everything that he and his family got me were extremely thoughtful. I honestly wouldn`t care for how much everything cost (which was kind of a lot :/.. though to be fair I went a little crazy on my gifts too :P) but the exact that every gift had a meaning behind it just made me smile :) Best Christmas ever :D Hope everyone had a great one and great rest of the holidays!

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