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4 years ago

When it comes to fitness and overall health, having your calories in mind and counting is very important if you trying to lose, gain or maintain or weight.

If you want to lose you need to eat less calories that what you need, if you want gain you eat more and to mantain you eat calories around that amount - see this post i made that explains it better :

But counting calories could seem a bit complicated and overwhelming, but not anymore if you use some of the free tools available and i will share you with some websites and apps that work perfectly:

<strong>- Lose it (app&website) - </strong>This website has also an app that is very useful, giving you a nice interface with good graphics of your process and it even calculates the calories you need.

<strong>- Sparkpeople - </strong>This is a great website and a very popular one and you have not only the calories tracking tools but also a great support system with a forum that has users to help you.

<strong>- My Fitness Pal -</strong> This website, that i believe it also has an app, is also a popular one that will make it easier to track your calories.

<strong>- Livestrong - </strong>This is a fitness and health website that i really like from the Lance Amstrong foundation with great articles to help you with exercise and diet but also with tool that allows you to calculate and track your calories.

There are some more and apps even for your phone but these are just a few i remembered and tried but they pretty much do the same, which is tracking your calories and making everything organized so you will have a easier time counting them and it will get easier and easier to track them in time.

<strong>Very important is to have in mind the portions and what you are eating</strong> and this picture really shows that because it is a small piece of food but yet it has more calories than probably your meal "allowance", so have in mind what you eat ( that doesn`t mean some cake is forbidden, that would make life sad lol just have it like once a week).

<strong>Do you count calories?
Have you used any of these websites/services (for calorie counting or even just for info?</strong>

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