Best Alternative Fuel Cars for 2012

4 years ago

With gas prices as high as they are now, more and more people are turning to alternative fuel choices for the vehicles that they purchase. Below are a few of the best choices available now for 2012!

First up, is the new Volt from Chevrolet(yes Chevrolet!).

The Volt is somewhat of a revolutionary vehicle as it is the first American made car to integrate both plug-in electric and hybrid technologies into one car. I know for myself, the biggest drawback to owning an electric vehicle is the fact that you can only drive so far without being forced to recharge the battery. The Volt completely eliminates this issue as it has a battery that can last for roughly 35 miles(more than enough to drive around town for the day) and in addition it has a gas tank that can power the vehicle so that you can drive up to an additional 375 miles on one tank of gas.

They are starting just over $30k after the government tax rebate, so they are very affordable. The styling of the vehicle is actually pretty well designed as well, which is always a plus as I personally hate how 90% of the other electric vehicles out there look.

If I had to choose a car to buy today, this would definitely be my top choice!

Second, is the Toyota Prius, which is what I actually just purchased myself at the start of the year.

The Toyota Prius is hands down the best hybrid vehicle on the market today. It gets the best mileage at roughly 50mpg, is very affordable at $20K+, and looks great.

The cool thing about the Prius is that you can essentially drive it like you would any other car, but the difference is you will save a bundle on gasoline. I`ve cut my gasoline bill by 65% since I traded in my SUV for this, so I cannot praise this car enough.

Lastly we have the coolest car of all, the Tesla Model S.

Although not released just yet, the Tesla Model S is scheduled to begin distribution in July 2012. Currently there is a wait list for the vehicle and if you have the cash, this baby will be well worth the wait.

The Tesla Model S is a plug-in electric luxury sedan that can go from 0-60 in 5 seconds flat, has a range of 300 miles without a charge and is starting at only $49,000!

What is there not to love about this car? Auto enthusiasts believe that this vehicle could be a complete game changer in the automotive industry, and I wholeheartedly agree.

So there you have it, from luxury to every day performance the options for alternative fuel cars are beginning to be quite vast.

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