Benefits of Water for glowy SKIN!

When your body is properly hydrated, you`ll look better and feel better! Adequate water rewards you with:

Enhanced health
Increased energy
Bright, clear eyes
A radiant complexion
In addition, bloating and puffiness often disappear. How does this liquid work its magic? Behind the scenes, water...

Carries nutrients to every cell in your body
Flushes out nasty toxins
Improves circulation and blood flow
Lubricates your joints.

Consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy skin will satisfy some of your body`s fluid requirement. A bonus is they are loaded with anti-aging anti-oxidants!

Count milk, juice, and other healthy beverages as part of your daily total. Try diluting fruit juice with sparkling water for a tasty drink with fewer calories. Relax with a soothing cup of herbal tea. Just make sure that most of your daily fluid is pure, clear water.

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