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4 years ago

Hello beauties :)
Today, I am discussing a multi-purpose health supplement - Vitamin E! It`s an antioxidant that can naturally be found in foods such as corn, mangoes, papaya, tomatoes, sunflower oil, to name a few. Vitamin E helps fight cell damaging free-radicals in the body. Free-radicals can contribute to oxidative stress & premature aging of cells. Additionally, it promotes immune function.
To list a few other benefits of vitamin e:
*Sun Protection
*Treatment of scars [fades appearance - use oil form]
*Maintains skin`s oil balance
*Strengthens skin`s barrier protection

I take one vitamin e softgel pill a day. This extra vitamin e is beneficial to my body inside AND out. In addition to health benefits, it`s also helping me obtain healthier nails, skin, ad hair! You can use the oil and dab it on a new scar/cut overnight daily [until satisfied] and it will prevent scars from appearing and fade current (new) scars.

Try it out ^^
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