Benefits of Morning Exercise

4 years ago

A lot of people ask me this question so I decided to share it with you guys. Is it better to exercise in the morning?

Personally, I would say yes, but the answer depends on your determination and which time of day your body prefers.

Morning exercise has different benefits as opposed to evening exercise. However, it is only good if you find yourself waking up early to do them.

When your body wakes up, your body stores about 400 calories worth of glucose in its reserves. Technically speaking, if you don`t eat anything and exercise, this reserve will be depleted as that`s all the energy your body has. Now, when it gets depleted, your body works to restore that reserve so you have less energy input for your activities, which means, you will lose weight.

If you do hard cardio and resistance training in the morning, the benefits increase as your body has now been tuned to burn more calories throughout the day. This means, as you sit on your chair and type away, your body burns more calories than it did if you did not do resistance training or cardio in the morning.

You also get an energy boost from the exercise. This has been debatable though, as some may get it, some feel sleepy after exercising. If you`re that type of person, night exercise might be better.

Some drawbacks to morning exercise include in taking more food. Some people feel hungry after exercise and this makes you want to eat more. That`s a major drawback for people trying to lose weight as you want less calories in than calories out. For evening exercise, you may still feel hungry but also too tired to eat and just retire to bed.

Another drawback is probably the hardest one. Waking up early to do it. I wake up at 6 am on some days to do my exercise routine. And sometimes, I do find it extremely hard, especially in winter.

So it`s really up to your preference. Maybe you benefit more from morning exercise rather than evening exercise. You won`t know until you try.

Hope that helps!

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