Benefits and Drawbacks Artichokes

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Here i am with another Benefits and Drawbacks, this time i will talk about Artichokes.

Served hot or cold, the artichoke is a vegetable as much as a nutritious low calorie snack. In fact, the artichoke is the flower buds of a plant resembling the thistle, with a few edible parts: the heart and tender fleshy area of the base of the outer bracts (green pieces), which contains many of the phytochemicals of the plant.
Temper it with a light sauce. To prepare a fresh artichokes, take off the top and the spinous tips of the bracts and the rest is steamed or baked. the best is even with the sauce. however must be careful because this will be hypercaloric!! Between these sauces have the Dutch sauce and melted butter. a healthy option is the lemon juice with a few drops of olive oil, taste very well.
Artichokes are an optimal source of vitamin B9, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. contains cinarin which is a sweet stimulator. This stimulator will do as the following foods have a sweet flavor so it`s very good for diets. cinarin improves liver function by lowering cholesterol. people allergic to pollen from ragweed should not eat artichokes because these two have a similar pollen (if you want i can do a post about this specific matter about immunologic reactions).

In brief:

Good source of folate, vitamin C and potassium.
Low in calories and high in fiber

Can cause allergic reactions

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