Benefit Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener

5 years ago

Benefit Eye Bright is a concealer base that`s meant to have an eye-brightening effect. It is a light pink colour, and although it blends out really well, I`m not sure how well this would actually work on people who are not light-skinned or whose skin tone clashes with pink shades.

[In the swatch photos above, I`ve done a single swipe of the pencil, then did a circular swatch and blended it out. The first photo is with flash; the second is without flash.]

Since this product is quite close to my skin tone, I`ve tried using it as an undereye concealer. I was rather unsuccessful with that - this stuff creases quite easily and settles into any lines, nooks, or crannies that you may have. It`s kind of a bummer, especially since this stuff is supposed to hold your concealer on in the first place. I don`t use this as a shadow base, either, due to the creasing I`ve experienced while using it on my undereye area. Personally, I thik the formula is similar to NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, though those perform a lot better as eyeshadow bases, it seems.

So, what have I used this pencil for? I`ve used it on my lower lashline, and it does have a bit of a brightening effect. I`ve also used it on my waterline, which is how I almost always use it now. I sometimes use a white liner on my waterline to make my eyes look a bit bigger, but Eye Bright looks a lot less stark and more natural. I imagine it would work well for people of different skin tones if used in this way, since eyeballs are not pure white, they`re definitely an off-white colour, lol. It might look too pink on some people, though, and give a pink-eye effect. >.< I`m not sure of this, although it is a suspicion of mine, though!

Ultimately, I`m glad I found a use for this eye pencil, though I find that it doesn`t work as a concealer base. It works just fine if you apply it sparigly on the inner corners of your eyes, your browbone, or your waterline. I don`t see myself buying this again anytime soon (as I don`t use much of this product), but if I do, it won`t be at full price (which is $20).

<strong>Have you ever tried Benefit Eye Bright? Do you use a liner on your waterline?</strong>

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