Benefit Creaseless vs. Maybelline Color Tattoo

5 years ago

Not sure, if you guys have seen my previous haul but recenlty I purchased Maybelline`s Color Tattoo by Eyestudio and Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow.

I was able to test them this week and I think here`s my 2 cents =)

1. The $$$: Benefit costs $19 and Color Tattoo costs I think $7 (but there is always some sort of pomotions going on)

2. The Formula: Benefit is much creamier and notice it blends a lot better. Color Tattoo is creamy but it`s a little more drier than the benefit`s. With color tattoo I felt like I had to blend a lot faster othewise it will get dry.

3. The Wear: I think Color tattoo wins this one, it literally stay put until I took them off with out fading. Benefit, it did loose color slightly but I am sure my oily lids didn`t help. But with color tattoo even with my oily lids, it did stay put. I also didn`t notice much creasing on neither of the products. I wore the shadows using my UD Primer Potion.

4. Packaging and Weight: They are very similar as far as packaging. Black lid with glass jar type of container. Color Tattoo contains .14 oz and benefit you get a little more 0.16 oz.

5. Smell: Color Tattoo pretty much has no scent. Benefit has slight scent of wax or plastic or something I can`t put my finger (sorry I guess that didn`t help much)

Overall, I think both of these cream shadows are relatively good and I will purchase other colors.

My 2 two colors on my list, the orange matte one from Color Tattoo and the color bathing suit from benefit.

Contents and pic belongs to me, have a lovely lovely day beauties =)

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