Benefit Benetint Review!

4 years ago

( Image not mine ) This review was requested by Brianna K. Her link will be listed AT THE END OF THE REVIEW. Let`s start with the first thing. And it`s sadly going to be negative. It`s 30 bucks (USD) for this extremely small container. After seeing a YouTuber talk about this product, I wanted to try this out for just because. It has a rosy "tint" to it and this plastic rose smell. Kind of turned me off from the product. Anyhow moving on.. If you take the little wand thing it has and simply dab it on your head, It will look like you have popped a pimple or happened to cut yourself.. lol But non the less it does stain your lips and cheeks. I personally only bought it for my cheeks because it is a little unsanitary to use on the cheeks and lips at the same time (could possible cause mild acne on cheeks). I personally thing it is a waste of money for so little product. I rather buy myself some Dior Flash Foundation, which I DIE for. The lasting power is pretty, quite horrid actually. It doesn`t last any longer than about an hour. But I can`t blame too much because remember it is only a tint! I personally don`t recommend it. Waste of money. No lasting power. Bloody looking. Just not a good look. Hope this review helped you out in some way. If it didn`t please leave in the comments how I could possible improve my reviews, because you guys matter; making reviews is what matters to me! Thank you! Enjoy.

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