Ben amp Jerry`s Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

5 years ago

I was grocery shopping the other day when I saw that Ben & Jerry`s ice cream was on sale. I pretty much *had* to get it, lol! I cannot resist good-quality ice cream at reduced prices! XD

The flavour I chose was Cherry Garcia, as it was the lowest in calories of all the flavours that were available. It`s cherry ice cream with real cherries and fudge "flakies" in it. Yum! I also picked up a container of cookie dough ice cream for my boyfriend, as it`s his favourite flavour. Cherries are definitely *my* thing, though!

The name of this ice cream is kind of funny - it`s named after Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. I`ve heard of that band before, but have never really listened to them. They were big in the 70`s, apparently, and lots of older folks seem to like them.

As for the actual ice cream itself, it`s fabulous, of course! I love the cherries in it. That really makes it for me. :) I`m sure the other flavours are great, but cherries and chocolate are a winning combination for me, every time. So I highly recommend this flavour!

<strong>Have you ever tried Ben & Jerry`s ice cream? What is your favourite flavour?</strong>

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