Belly piercing

Do you want your belly piercing , but you`re scared?
Let me just give you my opinion and thoughts of how it went with me ...
so I always wanted my belly pierced but I was so scared , but I knew I wanted it . I thought about it for a while before I actually got my piercing. I asked my parents when I was sure and they let me , so my dad took me to get it and stuff and I was really scared but honestly the pain level was like a 2 , I didn`t even feel it , it just hurt a bit when they cleaned it . Obviously everyone`s pain tolerance is different.
I will say dont touch it because I was very excited I had it I kept playing with it and I would say thats how I got it infected :(
I always cleaned it but I would play around with it so dont do that , but clean it like 3 times a day with salt water . Dont go to the beach or anything once its still healing because thats another way to get it infected. And thats pretty much it , just get your parents permission! Hope I helped a bit

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