Belly, Butt and Thighs Stability Ball Workout

5 years ago

I almost purchased this at a new Weight Watcher location a few months back during an open house, but went back and fourth with the should Is?. At the end of it, I did not purchase there BUT I was at Walmart the other day and saw these on clearance for $24.77! The price was, if I recall correctly, $10 less than it was selling at the Weight Watchers location! I did sample this at the Weight Watcher location and its a great product and I was surprised to see Walmart selling these. You do get quite a few products in the box, so you are getting your moneys worth. I will say for cost comparisons alone an exercise/stability ball typically run from $15-30 based on the quality you get.

<strong>The kit comes with:
- DVD with 3 workout levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
- Stability ball
- Stability ring [this supports the ball and keeps it from moving, making beginner exercises easier to grasp]
- Ball pump
- 10 week exercise tracker [this is a Weight Watchers member tool]</strong>

The general gist of this kit is to help strengthen the users core muscles, while simultaneously firming their belly area, their buttocks and their thighs. The exercises themselves aid the user in comfortably achieving the proper workout while targeting these three areas. As you become more advanced, you lose the stability ring and your workouts become gradually longer and gradually more intense.

I personally am looking forward to using this after I have my hernia surgery and I am given the go-ahead to continue with my exercise regiment. I havent worked out in a week and its driving me CRAZY! Itll probably be roughly 2-4 weeks before I get back to the gym after I do go under the knife (which I am hoping is next week after my consultation). I need work on my stomach area, particularly when it comes to strengthening my core. Some people make it sound so easy, but for the longest time I was one of those people who was like What the hell is my core!?

I feel as though even just sitting on the ball while I am on my computer doing the things I need to get done; will help without me even knowing it. Itll help strengthen my balance, while also strengthening my muscles inevitably making me stronger.

<strong>Have you ever used an exercise ball/stability ball in your routine?
Would you purchase an exercise kit to do at home similar to this one?</strong>

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