Belkin CoolSpot Laptop Cooling Pad - First Impressions

Does your laptop get hot? It is a known issue that all laptops get hot after many hours of usage but since I invested so much money in my laptop (probably one of my most expensive purchases that I paid for) I wanted to try a cooling fan/pad. I have an Apple MacBook Pro 13` laptop and my laptop probably gets hot after two hours, cools down and gets hot again. I bought this Belkin CoolSpot Laptop Cooling Pad on sale for $9.99 plus tax, originally $29.99 (according to Belkin`s website).

This Belkin CoolSpot Laptop Cooling Pad Claims:

- Better airflow, better cooling
- AirFlow Wave Patented Design creates a continuous steam of air below your laptop
- Fan pulls in more air for better cooling
- Hot air is pushed out / Intake vent pulls cool air in
- For Laptops up to 15`
- USB Powdered

First Impressions:
- Simple design
- Light weight cooling pad
- I like how you could hide the USB cord underneath
- Serves its purpose of cooling your laptop
- Your laptop doesn`t slide off the cooling pad

This cool gadget/design kept my laptop cool, I am very impressed! I would plug this cooling pad in the USB slot about an hour after (when my laptops been on) to cool down the laptop. I like how you don`t have to install any software and works immediately. Your laptop is also evaluated to give you a better keyboard ergonomics.

Overall: Of course, I have to try this out for a month longer and see if I still like this gadget but for $9.99 I have nothing to lose! Stay tuned for a through review in a month!

Do you use a cooling pad? If so, what brand do you have or recommend?

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