Belgium Chocolate European Cookie Gift Box!

I love Belgium chocolate that they sell at Costco, and now they have these new European chocolate cookies. It comes in an assortment of flavors, and you can tell what you`ll get because it actually comes with a chart that describes each flavor. I don`t like being surprised by odd chocolate flavors, so I appreciate the chart.

There`s chocolate flavor, mocha, coffee, vanilla, and just an assortment of flavors. I have yet to try them all, but I wanted to share this with my Luuux friends because it`s a new item at Costco. I think it`s a great gift box for the holidays to give to family and friends. It comes in this gorgeous tin box with ruby red and maroon stripes. If you just put a large gift bow on this and right a nice card, it`s a nice small gift to bring to people during the holidays.

I`ll review the cookies if anyone is interested. There are just so many different flavors in one box. There`s two stacks of cookies in each box, so it`s a lot! It`s going to be great with hot coffee or tea the next couple of mornings ;)

<em>Do you like European cookies? Would you try these?</em>

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