Belated Valentine`s Day Chocolate Haul

5 years ago

I was at the drugstore the other day looking for some Valentine`s day chocolate that might still be left over. I had tried looking for it at Safeway but they were all sold out. Fortunately, the Rexall I went to had some left!

I got the following items:

<strong><ul><li>Pot of Gold Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Collection, $2.76</li>
<li>Russel Stover Assorted Chocolates, $2.36</li></strong></ul>

I can`t remember the exact regular prices of these chocolates, but I think they were both around $10 each. After trying a few from each box, I`d have to say that I prefer the Pot of Gold one a LOT more. For one, there was an actual list of the different kinds of chocolates in the Pot of Gold box, while there was no info on the Russell Stover box. For example, there were the following varieties in the Pot of Gold Box:
<ul><li>Dark Truffle</li>
<li>Vanilla Caramel</li>
<li>Pecan Caramel Cluster</li>
<li>Almond Caramel</li>
<li>Milk Chocolate Caramel</li>
<li>Milk Truffle</li>
<li>Almond Creme</li>
<li>Dark Chocolate Hazelnut</li></ul>

Sooo, yeah - lots of variety in the Pot of Gold box! And I knew what I was getting, too. The candies in the Russel Stover box were WAY too sweet, so much so that I couldn`t even taste the difference between many of the chocolate fillings. It really wasn`t very good. The Pot of Gold chocolates were decent quality, at least.

As for box design, though, Russel Stover wins! The box has these little plastic "crystal" beads which look sparkly in certain lighting conditions. And the heart design is so cute! I`m actually sort of tempted to keep the box, lol!

<strong>Did you get any chocolate for Valentine`s Day, or buy some once it went on clearance? =)</strong>

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