Belated Thanksgiving Dinner!

3 years ago

I completely forgot to share my Thanksgiving dinner, so apologies for being late on this! :)

This year for Thanksgiving I did something I`ve never done before - I spent it with friends instead of family. I moved a few months ago to Florida and left behind all my family back up north. Fortunately, I have a couple friends from back home who also just happen to live where I do now (which I didn`t know about until after I moved. Awesome surprise!). I`ve met a lot of amazing people here since I moved, too, and since many of them are here working for Disney for the College Program or are interns, that means they didn`t have their families here for Thanksgiving either. So... obvious decision: we all have Thanksgiving together :)

My friend from childhood and I decided to play hostess and have Thanksgiving at her place. We woke up early to begin making the stuffing and the turkey. This was our first time ever making a turkey!!! I had made cranberry sauce and apple pie the day before. Later on in the day, our friends all brought at least one dish over, too, so we had A LOT of food going on. The picture doesn`t even show it all - we had to put more trays of food on the counter, lol.

So what was on our menu?
-Mashed potatoes
-Homemade gravy
-Homemade cranberry sauce
-Toasted garlic bread
-Mashed turnips
-Sweet potato casserole (absolutely delicious!)
-Green been casserole
-Pumpkin mac n cheese (holy hell this was amazing!!)
....and I`m sure I`m forgetting some stuff, lol.

For drinks we had mulled red wine, white moscato, and beer. We tended to drink the beer before dinner and then switched to wine for and after dinner.

For dessert we had two homemade apple pies, homemade cookies, ice cream, chocolates, and more wine, haha.

We are all really big fans of making homemade food. We love to cook! It was absolutely great having everyone over and bustling around the tiny kitchen as we finalized and prepared everything. Our one friend invited a friend of his to join us and no one knew that this new person was vegetarian (he made the pumpkin mac n cheese... glorious!!!) until he said something while he were finalizing the table. Fortunately, most of our dishes (the turkey and gravy aside) were vegetarian friendly, but somehow, out of all the people there, he was the one who ended up carving the turkey. A very ironic and funny situation when you think about it :P It was such a great time and our dinner turned out amazing! My friend and I were very, very pleased about how our first turkey ever came out - it was delicious! Our one friend kept sneaking into the kitchen and eating skin before we carved it. We had to kick him out of the kitchen and put him on the couch, haha :P It was overall an absolutely amazing time!!

*Image is my own!*

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