Belated Halloween Costume!

2 years ago

Halloween was almost three weeks ago, but I figured I`d share my costume since I realized I never posted an actual picture of it! Unfortunately, I somehow didn`t get a picture of my full costume, but I do have a picture of the dress I wore :)

This year, my boyfriend and I dressed up Doctor Who style. He went as the 11th Doctor and I went as the TARDIS! I already had a TARDIS dress, so I added a pair of blue tights, blue heels, and a red bow to wear in my hair to match the 11th Doctor`s red bow tie. It was awesome!! Again, I reaaaalllyy wish I had a picture of the full costume (tights, shoes, and all!) but we just didn`t take one lol. We walked around downtown that night and headed out to some bars and people loved our costumes! A bouncer at one of the bars even gave us candy because he liked them so much haha. Doctor Who is always a great idea!

For the 11th Doctor, my boyfriend, like me, wore things he pretty much already had, and it worked perfectly! He had the perfect brown-tweed jacket to wear and ordered a red bow tie (we had to learn how to actually tie it haha). I was able to get a fez for him and the whole concept worked out great!

The greatest part, perhaps, is the fact that as we were standing in line to get inside a bar, we happened to see another couple dressed as the 10th Doctor and River Song. We waved at each other, all recognizing the greatness that is Doctor Who :) It was too awesome!

There`s also a Dalek dress that goes along with the TARDIS dress I`m wearing and I`m preeettyyy tempted to buy it and maybe wear it for some other costume event, lol. Or maybe next Halloween we can go as Doctor Who `villains` ;)

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