Being thin does not mean being happy.

4 years ago

Happiness is not defined by a low number on a scale. Its not defined by the gap between your thighs, or how tiny your waist is. It will never be defined that way, and Im sorry to say that but its silly to think so.

Im just saying, its a waste of time to sit there and drool over how thin this girl is and to think shes got it all because shes thin. Its a waste to think that tons of people will flock to you, youll get asked out, youll be popular, guys will want you - because youre thin. (Spoiler Alert: the only thing that changes is that you get thinner.) Youre not going to be super happy because youre thin. You arent going to be super freaking hot. You arent going to live the dream life because youre thin. There are so many other factors to being happy. Youve known this all along and youve probably tried to convince yourself otherwise, but its true.

Now, can you realize that? The sooner you do, the easier it will be to live your life right now. You can roll your eyes at this, but youre just being stubborn. You know Im telling the truth. Its time to wake up. If you think that ten years from now youre going to be caught up on how thin you want to be, youre wrong. If, ten years from now, youre still thinking about being thin then well.youre going to need a new hobby. So why dont you push the thought that being thin means being happy out of your head, so that you can get out there and enjoy things and actually be happy?

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