Behind the Scenes at Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne

4 years ago

It is so fun back here, a little crazy. How you`re feeling right before the show?


We have a lot of really beautiful models rocking Abbey Dawn. We put like different color bonds and like fringes bang on the models and kinda like Japanese.

How does Kylie represent the ultimate Abbey Dawn girl?

Kylie came here last year and did the runway and she rocked it, she`s beautiful, she`s young and she kind of gets what Abbey Dawn is.

Now I am here with Gregory and Victor. And they are the lead hairstylist for the Abbey Dawn Show. I know Kylie getting a special bond, anything different?

Right now we`re just doing Avril look right now. We`re gonna get something-- it`s definitely gonna be something nice for her.

I think Kylie is just-- for me is that she`s young, she`s fresh, she`s got a sense of style and I understand with the fashion that I find very exciting.

I`m just here to support Kylie and I`m really excited, it feels so great.

Did you give her any walking tips? She`s done this before but any last minute words of encouragement?

Be confident, have fun with it, this is such a fun show and like Avril at the back has been crazy and I don`t know, she should just have fun with it. She knows that, she always knows.

You look amazing up there. I mean, you`re a pro at this point. You did it last season. Was it easier this season?

Definitely easier. It was my first show last year so, so nerve-wracking like I can`t even tell you. It was like all these girls know what they`re doing. I have no idea what I`m doing with this, like I came in confident and wasn`t nervous at all, so it`s like I have to tell you, Avril Lavigne`s shoes are so good like not that they`ve worn it last year but it`s just like I`m obsessed with every single shoe I see them like I need it like there`s these like boots that are kind of like lock in, I have liked all over them and I`m like I need them, they`re so cute.

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