Beer culture- yes, please!

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers and beer-lovers!

Lots of people love beer and if you are reading this, so do you :) Here I`ll share some interesting info about beer that I picked up on a beer course.
Just like vine and champagne, beer is more than just a beer.
Do you know how to match food and beer? Do you know the right temperature to serve the beer? And the right glass to serve beer in? Keep reading, so you can impress guys next time you get together ;)

Just like vine, beer needs right serving temperature. Light beer should be served at 8C, dark beer at 10-12C, and dark and strong beer at 15C.
Light beer is served in high glass, while dark beer is served in low and wide glasses.

Hope this will get you think about your beer, before you empty that beer can :) Let me know how you like your beer best? And the beer on my first pic has funny name (Aass), I know :D On the second pic my nail polish matches beer can, I know :D

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Remember that drinking kills! This post is not promoting drinking in any way!

p.s. pic is my own

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