Beer battered onion rings

2 years ago

Make your own onion rings! I cooked these up to top off my pretzel bun BBQ bacon burger. Onion rings are pretty easy to make. (Recipe for 1/2 an onion)

I used a white onion, feel free to use others. Vidalia are sweeter.

Slice your onion into thick rings. 1/4 in. thick is pretty standard. Soak for an hour in
1 c. milk
Meanwhile make your batter- Whisk together
1/2 c all purpose flour
1/3c beer
1 egg
dash of salt and pepper ( or a dash of red pepper for a kick)

Let the batter sit at room temperature while your onion rings are soaking in the milk. When the time is up, drain the onions.
Get a pan ready and fill it with about an inch and a half of
peanut oil. (With my pan, I used 4 cups total.)
Bring the oil to 375F. If you do not have a frying thermometer, you can dip a fork into the batter and drip it over the oil, when it sizzles and browns (not burns), you are good to go.
I used a 12 in. cast iron pan and kept the temperature on medium-high until it was ready. Then I lowered the temp to medium. Stoves and cookware create different factors so use your better judgement.

Alright! Now that your oil is ready let`s get frying! Have a paper towel or coffee filter or paper bag ready to drop the cooked onion rings onto.
Using a fork, take a single ring, dip it in the batter until coated, let the excess drip off. Drop it into the hot oil. Repeat. Flip them over to lightly brown both sides. When they are nice and golden- it doesn`t take long- set them on your paper towels and sprinkle with a little salt.

This batter, by the way, is great for frying chicken, fish, mushrooms and so on. It`s similar to Long John Silver`s batter. Give it a try, you will be delighted! onion rings beerbatter fried LuuuxWeeklyFoodComp

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