Beer Battered Onion Ring Ruffle Potato Chips!

5 years ago

I went to Walmart the other day and saw these big, fluffy looking onion rings on a bag which immediately caught my attention. One thing about me is I LOVE onion rings! I picked up the bag and checked it out because I wasnt even sure they were potato chips even though they were under the Ruffles brand. Sure enough, they were! I figured I might as well give them a shot.

Do they taste like beer battered onion rings? Well, no, not really. What do they taste like? A milder sour cream & onion potato chip. Do I like them? Yes. Why? Because I LOVE sour cream & onion chips and I really like Ruffles. The chips have the classic Ruffles crunch to them and they arent saturated in any flavoring, so your fingers dont get gunky while eating these. It is an interesting concept, but out of the interesting flavors Ruffles sells (loaded chili, etc.) these dont necessarily taste like what they are advertised to be. But even though they dont theyre still yummy!

<em>Would you ever try these Beer Battered Potato Chips?
Do you like onion rings?
What is your favorite flavored potato chip?</em>

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