Beer and milk can help ... lose weight?!

4 years ago

Here is a study that I read today:

"One study found more benefits for milk and beer: lose weight, improve muscle performance and may even prolong life.
It`s the end of the myth of the beer belly. The belief in a recent study of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, beer contains a substance that combats obesity and improves muscle strength. A "miracle molecule", as is known, was also found in milk, has no side effects and can even prolong the life.

The potential of the molecule, called nicotinamide riboside was tested on rats so far. It is now expected that by stimulating mitochondrial function with the molecule, scientists can confirm increased longevity and other effects and then move on to experiments with humans. Until it is go drinking ... in moderation. "

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